Where do you get your best ideas? When are you most productive? True creativity rarely occurs in the open office landscape, but during the forest walk, on vacation or just before you fall asleep. It occurs when you eliminate distraction and find calmness and mental flexibility. We offer you an environment that supports this creative and productive state to one hundred percent. You, your company and your ideas and projects are worth a "workation" where you put your most important task in focus with full support from the surrounding environment.

At Lindeborg's Eco Retreat, you have access to a comfortable room with amazing views, designed by the White Architects for focus and harmony. During your work sessions, you can have your room as your base, use our meeting room or maybe sit in the gardens or at the lake.

You are able to enjoy yoga, meditation and the surrounding nature during the day to optimize your most important asset - your brain. The food served is produced to support a balanced energy pattern and a high-functioning brain. You also have access to a sauna and body treatments to recharge yourself to be able to perform at your highest level.


During meals and informal conversations, you can exchange ideas and perspectives with people from other companies who also chose to take a Workation, or maybe you fully want to focus on yourself and your own creative process.


A day at Workation

A Workation can look like this. You decide, however, what you participate in and how you want to spend your day. 



09.30 Arrival, coffee and introduction

10.00 Focus on your work potentially including a state-optimizing forest walk

12.30 Organic vegetarian lunch

13.30 Focus on your work for the day

17.30 Yoga for relaxation and relaxation / sauna / massage treatment

19.00 Organic vegetarian dinner


07.00 Guided meditation and focus setting for the day

07.45 Organic vegetarian breakfast

08.30 Focus on your work for the day, potentially including a state-optimizing walk in the farm gardens

12.30 Organic vegetarian lunch

13.30 Focus on your task for the day

16.00 Short reflection, coffee and closing


  • Strive to be as present as possible with the work you want to perform

  • Minimize distractions from mobile phone and email as far as possible

  • Put a clear intention on what you want to accomplish and at the same time let go of specific performance requirements on yourself

  • Be open and curious

  • Take the opportunity to be in nature occasionally

At the moment we do not have any workations planned in. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a workation at