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eco retreat

Welcome to our 74-hectare ecological regenerative farm, a haven for diverse ecosystems.


Nestled by a serene lake and surrounded by lush fields, meadows, and forests, our farm is a picturesque sanctuary. We cultivate berries, fruits, and vegetables, produce biochar, implement biological water treatment, harness solar energy, and offer a natural swimming pool. Our innovative agricultural practices include small-scale sheep and chicken farming, natural beekeeping, flower beds, permaculture, and a forest garden.


Our Eco Barn, a climate-positive building, houses a farm-to-table kitchen, accommodations for overnight stays, conference facilities, a yoga space, and a sauna.

Our heating system employs a unique pyrolysis process, using forest biomass to produce heat and biochar. This method not only warms our buildings but also reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide. Staying with us is directly climate-positive, helping to lower your CO2 footprint.


Space to grow
Space for change
Space to think big

Wake up in nature

Welcome to spend a few days on the farm in the award-winning Eco Barn, in the cozy red cottage or in the middle of nature in a newly built nature hut. The rooms are with your own entrance, own kitchen and everything you need. Far away from everyday life, close to nature. 



Welcome to our farm-to-table kitchen.

We are visited by some of Sweden's most sustainable orientated chefs.  

The kitchen is open with guest chefs:

8 & 9 march

 12 & 13 april

17 & 18 may

14 & 15 june


Our hope is that you will be inspired and learn something new when you are here. Read more about how we work with the farm.

"If we are going to preserve the viability of life on this planet, we must strive to understand the connections, the interrelatedness of all things"

- Laurence Overmire, author of The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and a Call to Action

Confernce & Meetings

The meeting environment at Lindeborg's Eco Retreat is designed to enable good ideas, good conversations and deeper insight.

More than sustainable

Be climate positive at the world's perhaps first retreat, lodging and conference facility that converts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into a living carbon storage in the soil. Recharge and develop in the midst of a thriving ecosystem.

Yoga Retreat 


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