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Lindeborgs Eco Retreat is beautifully situated at the end of the road by lake and forest, outside Nyköping, 12 kilometers from Stockholm.


With innovative agriculture and vegetable gardens, beekeeping, flower meadows, biochar production and a biological water treatment system, we work to create a vibrant and healthy system for life in all its forms. Here you can unwind in a peaceful, beautiful and sustainable environment.

At the center of the farm is the Eco Barn, a hundred year old barn renovated with sustainable and natural materials and a conscious design idea. Here you will find a conference and yoga room with a magnificent view of Lake Hallbosjön and different types of accommodation.

For companies we offer conference and meeting facilities, leadership trainings, facilitation and advisory. For individuals, our offer includes rooms to stay in, yoga classes and other courses focusing on personal development. You can also rent the entire farm for a special occation, such as an eco-wedding.

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The Eco Barn

The Eco Barn is a renovated hundred year old barn and probably the world's first CO2 negative conference, retreat and lodging in its own operation.


New life has been given to the old barn that used to be a shed, were tools and

tractors were kept. The Eco Barn was designed by White Architects and renovated with consistently eco friendly and natural materials. There is a conference room overlooking the bird rich lake Hallbosjön, rooms to stay over in and a sauna with a great view.

In the past, farm barns were social places where people came to buy milk and meet others from the village. Now, our barn is again a meeting place.”  

The barn was once built with wood from the farm woods. In the early stages of the development of the Eco Barn, workhorses helped to carefully take out timber from the forest. The wood was then used to rebuild the barn.

More than sustainable

In all we do, we strive to go beyond sustainability to a net-positive impact. We not only want to reduce our environmental footprint, nor do we want to be neutral. Here you will experience innovative solutions that contribute positively to the environment around us.

In the Eco Barn, for example, the heating comes from a pyrolysis process where we use biomass from excess wood to produce heat and biochar (carbon). The carbon dioxide that the trees have absorbed from the air will remain in the biochar which will then become a carbon storage for thousands of years integrated into our organic soils. That means that more we heat our buildings, the less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A stay at our retreat is directly climate-positive and reduces your carbon footprint. We believe that we are perhaps the world's first conference, retreat and lodging facility that store CO2 in the gardens outside the window of your hotel room.

We treat the waste water from kitchens, toilets and showers 100% biologically using plants and microbes before it flows into a pond full of life. The water that comes from the process is more alive and in many dimensions cleaner than that which comes from a normal waste water treatment plant. The microbes can even break down the molecular chains in drug residues and chemicals.


Inside the Ecobarn you will also meet lovely organic beds with natural rubber mattresses, tiles made of 100% recycled materials, wood panel treated with plant and silicon extracts for the necessary fire protection, foam glass made of recycled glass that insulates the foundation, recycled newspapers in the walls and ventilation where the air is naturally pre-cooled in the summer by flowing through pipes deep down in the soil.


Around the Eco Barn you will find blossoming and diverse gardens with pond environments, a variety of different edible plants, bee hives, flower meadows, insect hotels, butterfly restaurants and much more. Our goal is to surround you with an ecosystem as rich and inspiring as possible that also provides the key ingredients to the organic food we serve.

Julia & Carl

In 2010, we lived outside of Stockholm on the island of Resarö. We had just built our “dream house” and then had our first child. When we looked into our newborn sons eyes, we began to question what is happening to our world. We wondered – what will the world look like when our son is grown up? We were not satisfied with the answers and we made a choice.

”Through our sustainability work, we want to inspire to broader action for a healthier planet”.


Julia is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

In addition to offering yoga classes and yoga retreats on the farm, she continue to work with the development of Lindeborgs Eco Retreat. She takes care of the bookings and the requests. She has also designed the interiors in the Eco Barn and is also the farm's beekeeper.


Since 2004, Carl has worked with organizations that want to grow into meaningful, sustainable and successful systems with truly committed customers, employees and owners, organizations who like himself, believe in the benefit of coming from a deeper purpose and thinking a bit longer, a bit bigger.


Carl has been participating in many exciting contexts, from writing the book "Your Brilliant Self" and co-authoring "Courageous" to guest speaking for students at Harvard Business School, publishing articles in “Affärsvärlden” and being on the Board of Directors of a listed company. Since almost 10 years back he is "fellow" at Oxford Leadership and Associate Program Director at the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education.



During the renovation of the Eco Barn, we have had the privilege of cooperating with several great companies that produce sustainable materials, technologies and products. These are:


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We are also featured in two books:

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Leader Sörmlandskusten

Through the support of Leader and Leader Sörmlandskusten we can add new initiatives to the work we do to attract and inspire visitors to the farm and make a difference for the planet. Some of the key initiatives within this project are described below.

By establishing two different networks in sustainable energy and organic farming we want to act as a digital meeting place where knowledge can be shared and information spread.

Inspired by the Canadian Miracle Farm, who successfully engage in unique way of organic farming of fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, nitrogen-fixing plants and perennial vegetables, we set up a similar growing system and offer courses and field visits.

We will set up a test cultivation where we explore how biochar will affect the growing conditions and yields of vegetables.

We hope to find a partner school and together arrange a veggie growing activity with the children at a school.

The establishment of an information trail around the farm's biotopes, to spread knowledge about its diversity and various ways to enrich an ecosystem.

We arrange a number of study visits open at the farm focusing on sustainable energy and construction as well as organic gardening.

The arrangement of a workshop in local artisan food production to inspire the development of new food products and collaboration between producers.

To meet with other growers, food artisans and farmers, to identify and explore opportunities for cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

Green Networks

Do you have a question about the biochar technology or organic farming? At our two digital meeting places, you are welcome to share your experiences or ask a question.


The meeting place for sustainable energy and construction - sustainable materials, technologies and construction solutions.


The meeting place for organic and innovative farming and gardening.