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With Business Evolution at Lindeborgs Eco Retreat, we leverage the creative and peaceful environment to enable meaningful meetings, conversations and evolutionary movements in companies and organizations.


Our perspectives and processes are based on more than 5 000 hours of experience from development of leaders, teams and organizations in both local and global context.  Welcome to our retreat for a different and deepening conference, training or highly creative working session.

Conscious Conference

The meeting environment at Lindeborgs Eco Retreat is designed to enable great ideas and deep insights. It is optimized in order for people to let go of stress and distractions, get present, open up and get closer to both each other and the solutions that will lead the business forward.

Tailor Made Evolution

Based on your company’s need to grow and evolve, we tailor support and inspiration in many different forms, for instance through key note speaking, workshops, advisory to CEO, senior executives and management teams, facilitation of meetings and conferences and support of more large scale change and transformation programs.


About the Organic Farm and the Retreat
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