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Welcome to another world. No matter how you choose to spend your stay with us - on a solo retreat, with your loved ones or with the whole family, our goal is to touch you. We believe that the world is very fast paced. To get into an environment that is a rich ecosystem, where it is calm and beautiful can be very helpful.

Yoga Retreat

Give yourself the opportunity to unwind. In a small group of up to ten people, we explore yoga as a powerful tool when you need to find new energy. The yoga is based on the Iyengar yoga methodology, which is one of the world's most practiced yoga forms. We serve 100% plant based and organic food designed to energize and inspire you and support your body. The retreat is including morning meditation and sauna/relax. There is also the possibility to enjoy a relaxing massage.

the farm

For those looking for a personal and unique place for the wedding, family party or "hang out with the gang" we offer the opportunity to ʼrent the farmʼ. We can offer beds for up to 15 people. The beautiful vintage barn is great for the green eco wedding on a smaller scale. Please contact us and we will tell you more about the accommodation, sauna and dining room.

 Inspiring Courses & Events

Find out about the events and workshops offered at the farm. We regularly invite inspiring and renowned teachers who share the latest on climate issues, personal growth, environment, gardening and food.

Our Food Philosophy

The food we serve on our retreats, conferences and events is 100% organic and plant-based with the highest nutritional density. It is what we call food as medicine.


Our energizing Workation Retreat