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Conscious conference

As human beings we often get our best ideas and deepest insights when our mind finds some calmness and there is a space between our thoughts. Every now and then it is vital to take a step back, re-treat, from action mode to deeper reflection. In order to make the right choices even faster, we sometimes need to get even slower first, paradoxically.

At Lindeborgs Eco Retreat, at the end of the road, you have the whole retreat, the farm and the ecosystem for yourselves. From the meeting room and the sauna you have a striking view of meadow and lake. The only thing that moves is nature itself.


We offer of course the latest technology of sound, image and connectivity, but also the opportunity for a guided focus exercise that optimizes the brain before the day's programs begin, a strengthening yoga session before lunch, an energizing forest walk or maybe a deep conversation around the campfire in the evening.


The Conscious Conference concept includes 100% organic, high quality, vegetarian food that supports the brain and the nervous system and also is a stimulating experience for the five senses. Many ingredients come from the farm's own organic production.


The meeting environment is centered around the Ecobarn, an award-winning inspiration building for sustainable construction, design and interior design. It is perhaps also the world's first carbon-negative conference building in operation.


Contact us and we will put together a proposal for a different and unusually productive, strengthening and inspiring meeting.

We are located outside Nyköping, about 1h 20 min from Stockholm by car or train and taxi.


You can be up to 20 people in our meeting room which is 30 m2. The room is equipped with projector, sound, flip charts, a small kitchen and an amazing view.  

You can stay up to 5 people in single rooms or 10 people in shared accommodation. You can see our rooms here. 

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